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Photos of birds taken in Iceland during the peak of breeding season in June 2015. Birds are most active at this time and then go into seclusion once nests are built and babies are hatching.
Iceland Scenic KAC3663Iceland scenic KAC4658_HDRLatrabjarg Bird Cliffs KAC3960Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs KAC3973Razorbill KAC4009Atlantic puffin KAC4083Birdwatcher Iceland KAC4087Atlantic puffin KAC4119Atlantic puffin KAC4178Atlantic puffin KAC4178_1Atlantic puffin KAC4198Atlantic puffin KAC4230Atlantic puffin KAC4253_1Atlantic puffin KAC4253Atlantic puffin KAC4264Lake Myvatn Iceland KAC4686Iceland Scenic KAC0124Lake Myvatn Pano KAC4712_4Harlequin duck KAC4532Barrow's goldeneye KAC4555

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