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Costa Rica Photo Tour, March 2017, coordinated by Strabo Photo Tour Collection. Led by Kathy Adams Clark and Gary Clark. Stops included Hotel Alta in San Jose, La Paz Waterfall Garden, Sarapiqui, Dave & Dave's Eco Park, Sueno Azul Lodge, La Selva Biologic Center, Savegre Mountain Lodge, Mirador Quetzal.
Hotel Alta KAC5033Hotel Alta KAC5035Sunset Costa Rica KAC5060Sunset Costa Rica KAC5063Hotel Alta KAC5041Hotel Alta KAC5046Rufous-collared sparrow KAC5079Green-crowned brilliant KAC5133Purple-throated mountain-gem KAC5160Green-crowned brilliant KAC5153Violet saberwing KAC5199Green-crowned brilliant KAC5143Red-eyed treefrog KAC4953Red-eyed treefrog KAC4982Strawberry poison-dart frog KAC5106Green-crowned brilliant KAC5195Black-bellied hummingbird KAC5177Black-bellied hummingbird KAC5178La Paz Waterfall KAC5004Green-crowned brilliant KAC5184

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